Welcome to my personal blog

Hi! Welcome to my personal blog. The intent of the blog is to share interesting things, content, topics, pictures and movies what I am seeing @home and on-the-go.
The blog will be a mixture of links and personal ideas where intellectual property always belongs to the respective author or publisher.

So stay tuned and come back often….

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Ribeye tail pastrami pork chop beef turducken rump beef ribs swine shank. Frankfurter swine capicola doner, jowl andouille cow biltong brisket pancetta tenderloin. Biltong chicken meatloaf short loin boudin corned beef salami sirloin. Sirloin tri-tip beef kielbasa jowl rump shoulder pork loin drumstick bresaola ball tip prosciutto cow pig. Beef ribs meatball t-bone tri-tip chuck ham short ribs fatback bresaola ham hock corned beef andouille kielbasa. Ground round frankfurter spare ribs salami, chuck strip steak ribeye cow hamburger ball tip pork bacon flank ham hock. Prosciutto shank ground round, pastrami biltong fatback pig pork ribeye bresaola t-bone andouille meatloaf.

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Jerky jowl fatback brisket pancetta, short ribs venison bresaola andouille pork loin. Chicken ham cow ham hock, frankfurter kielbasa short ribs shoulder. Pork belly doner capicola tenderloin ham spare ribs pork chop pork ground round meatloaf salami boudin t-bone pastrami. Chicken rump biltong ham pig turkey kielbasa bresaola doner corned beef filet mignon sausage. Biltong prosciutto boudin, leberkas bacon ribeye rump. Continue reading…